Hello world!

Some people in their later years of life take to traveling the world, absorbing the wonderful sights of distant lands and people. I envy them. My soul yearns to join them, but my body cringes at the thought of being cramped in a car, boat, train, or plane for hours on end and sleeping in accommodations from which I arise in a freakish bundle of pain. I have arthritis. It does not define me, but it does inhibit me from doing things that I once enjoyed. Like dancing. Only in the pool can I bop to the music without my joints screaming back at me the next day. Thank goodness for Aqua Arthritis!! So my physical jaunts are limited to short stays and day trips – exploring the many scenic wonders of Texas with friends, visiting relatives, and spending time with children and grandchildren, who (very fortunately) all live in Texas.

My mental wanderings, however, can take me anywhere. That is why I write and why I am beginning this blog. (Well, also my daughter pretty much insisted that I do so, and mothers ALWAYS do what their daughters say. Or is it the other way around}? Anyway, here I am, on a new adventure, sharing my thoughts, memories, misadventures, and dreams with who knows how many people out there. Yikes! It is a bit scary, but so was learning to use a computer, mastering the internet, and getting used to a cellphone. So I will jump off of this cliff with the delight, eagerness, and confidence of a teenager. Maybe?  

Join me if you wish. And enjoy!3MyGrandma


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